Target Audience

Is your company using SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration products? Do you wish to streamline inefficient (approval) processes and document trails? Are you trying to gain insight in who does what, and where things go wrong? Looking to improve service to your clients?

All these challenges can be overcome if you offer your users the required SharePoint Online business applications.

Lialis can help design your SharePoint Applications using Shareflex and offer them in different pricing models so you can control cost.

Design your SharePoint Application

Shareflex is a functionally rich business application platform allowing you to implement complex workflows and processes in SharePoint. At the same time significantly saving you development cost.

If you want to understand what functions we can develop with Shareflex we recommend you to have a look at the knowledge base on our website.

The first step in each application development process is to create a design. To make your life easier we offer you a Word template that you can download and adjust as per your need. Please enter your name and email address in the fields below.

When you have filled out all details in the Word design document please mail it to: Once we receive your design we will study it and provide you a first assessment on anticipated development cost. When we agree on the cost we will subsequently have a few calls with the application owner(s) to optimize the design. The purpose of this design process is to develop the application as much as possible in one go.

When the application is ready we will deploy it on a Lialis SharePoint Online Site Collection for you to review and test. This will likely lead to some changes in the application which we will develop as long as they do not deviate too much from the initial design. Adjustments that have a large impact can be developed at an additional cost.

When the application is accepted by the owner we will automatically deploy it on your own SharePoint Online Site Collection.

Pricing Options

SharePoint applications we develop with Shareflex contain different pricing components:

  1. Shareflex licenses: Monthly Shareflex licenses are applicable based on the number of Named Users*. The license fee also includes maintenance (new software versions). For more information on Shareflex Licenses please read the pricing section in this article.
  2. Development Cost: For the actual development of your business application

*A Named User is a person making use of the Shareflex platform, irrespective of the number of applications he/she can access (read or write).  

We offer 3 Pricing Models:

A. Fixed Price

When the application you design is not too complex we can offer the development at a fixed price. In this option there is less flexibility to adjust the scope. We will invoice the fixed price partly at the project start and partly upon delivery. Additionally, monthly Shareflex licenses are applicable.

B. Time & Material

This T&M Model is applicable for more complex business applications. Once we agree on the application design we will provide a development cost estimate. After approval of our offer we will immediately start developing. Invoicing will be done based on actuals in arrears on a monthly basis. We will use project controls to track actuals vs budgeted cost and will inform you in time on a potential budget overrun.

C. Lease

In addition we also offer a monthly lease option. The monthly lease amount includes the Shareflex license – and development cost. We can determine the monthly lease once we agree on the application design.

A sample lease calculation for 100 Named Users who use multiple Shareflex Applications:

  • The Shareflex license cost per Named User per month: 5,75 Euros
  • Design and Development cost of the applications per user per month: 5 Euro
  • So the total monthly lease in this sample is: 10,75 Euros ex VAT
  • Minimum lease contract period: 3 years
  • After 3 years the Shareflex applications are owned by the client

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to explore how Shareflex can help you build the right SharePoint processes and workflows. If you are already convinced and have a business application you wish to develop, please download and fill out the design template. We look forward working with you.