SharePoint Automation: Deep Dive into the Shareflex Platform

SharePoint Automation: Deep dive into the Shareflex Platform

In this post we explore how you can use the Shareflex Platform to deliver (complex) SharePoint automation and cloud workflow software business applications on SharePoint Online to your end users.

We cover the following subjects:

  • How to install Shareflex inside your MS 365 tenant
  • Commonly used lists and libraries installed by Shareflex
  • SharePoint automation and application deployment scripts
  • Shareflex Forms
  • Shareflex Workflow

Shareflex installation

When you add the Shareflex app to the SharePoint App Catalog it will install all Shareflex software inside your own Microsoft 365 tenant. After completion you can add the Shareflex app to one or more Site Collections.

SharePoint Automation Install the Shareflex app

Commonly used lists and libraries installed by Shareflex

These are some of the commonly used lists and libraries inside the created Shareflex Core site:


The Deployment library contains all resources you need to deploy your Shareflex applications.


The Logs list stores all logs generated by your Shareflex SharePoint automation applications and by the Shareflex Platform itself.

Form Configuration

The Form Configuration library holds all Shareflex Form files.

List Events Configuration

The List Events Configuration contains all Business Rule Engine (BRE) scripts. These Shareflex proprietary scripts perform actions when list items get created or modified.

SharePoint automation & application deployment scripts

A Shareflex Form is built on top of an existing SharePoint list or library. You can create this list or library manually through the standard SharePoint interface. Additionally, you can use a Business Environment Engine (BEE) script for this. BEE is a Shareflex proprietary XML-based scripting language. Very useful for the automation of SharePoint actions and for the deployment of Shareflex applications.

A BEE script is easy to make with the Shareflex extension for Visual Studio Code. It can be directly executed within Visual Studio Code, or alternatively, inside the Shareflex Web IDE.

SharePoint Automation: Shareflex BEEML coding

Shareflex Forms

You can design a Shareflex Form with the Shareflex Forms Wizard instead of using the SharePoint forms designer. This modern web-based tool allows you to design and build forms with a responsive GUI without any code in no time. Optionally the HTML and JavaScript files that this tool generates are modifiable to extend your Shareflex form even further. In addition, Shareflex even offers a feature-packed JavaScript library which is easier to use than the standard SharePoint API.

SharePoint Automation: Shareflex forms

Want to know more about the Shareflex Forms Wizard? Please Click here.

Shareflex Workflow

The Shareflex Workflow designer helps you creating complex business automation workflow software.

A workflow can be exported/imported as an XML file, either manually or with a BEE script.

SharePoint Automation Shareflex workflow designer

For more information about the Shareflex forms workflow software and how to create workflows with the Shareflex Workflow designer please click here.

Having developed Notes/Domino applications for more than 20 years our customers increasingly ask for Sharepoint alternatives. Initially we struggled to match the rich Notes functionality within SharePoint (Online). However, with Shareflex we can create any complex SharePoint business application your business asks for. Please schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

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