Client call Helloflex on SharePoint Online, Teams and Shareflex

Video transcript

On a high level SharePoint Online allows users to create a:
– List
– Library

With a List its possible to make simple forms with fields below each other
Its not possible to develop great looking complex forms

Its possible to store files in a list, though there are limitations:
– The files do not have versions
– Not possible to online edit the file

A Document Library main goal is to store files
Versions are not available
People can work together on a file
Edit the file in Word (online)

A Document Library supports to store files in a folder structure
Its possible to add meta data to the files

In a Document Library its possible to create Document Sets
This is a smart folder where users can combine files
Document Sets have meta data possibilities

Shareflex is a layer on top of SharePoint Online
Shareflex is a development platform which allows us to develop more complex applications to run on SharePoint Online

Shareflex is created by a German company named PortalSystems

This is an example of a simple Shareflex document management system
The fields on top of the form are stored in a SharePoint Online list

With Shareflex its easy to combine fields in a SharePoint list and files in a library in one page

SharePoint Online cannot combine fields and files and present it on one page

When pressing the Word icon the file is displayed in the right pane for view, edit in this pane is possible

Drag and drop files from disk to the form

Lets show an example of a very complex Shareflex app on SharePoint Online, just to demonstrate the possibilities

This is a demo of a Shareflex Contract Management application in SharePoint Online

A complex Shareflex form is displayed with different Tabs on the top
At the bottom multiple lists are displayed where other forms are stored
To the right we see linked documents elsewhere stored in this Shareflex Contract Management System

Its impossible to build complex apps like this with SharePoint Out of the box features

This is a demo Shareflex app we have build to request office supplies

The user selects the location he is in
Then the departments in this location are calculated and displayed

After saving the files part is displayed
In the background Shareflex creates the correspondending folder in the SharePoint Library to store the files

A button is displayed to the user to start the workflow
The user may also save it and submit it later on

The document will get the status Submitted
When the request is approved the status will change to Approved

The approver name is retrieved from the Office departments list
The approver for Transport is Marten Vosmer

The requestor gets an email informing him his request has been submitted with a link to his request

The requestor can open his request, though he cannot modify it, because the request is submitted

Its logical that during the workflow the requestor may not edit his request

With Shareflex we can manage the permissions very easily, who may edit it, who not

The approver will not accept that the request is changed during his approval task

The approver gets an email where he is asked to review a new request

The approver presses the link to display the request on his screen

Shareflex shows on 1 screen the meta data (from the list), the files (from the Library) and the approval options (approve, cancel or reject)

This list shows all the workflow tasks the user has to approve, or reject

The new request created has the status submitted, and after approver the status will change to approved

A different user with different permissions sees only his own requests, so this users will see less requests

The administrator can see all requests

This list shows all workflow tasks the user has to approve, or reject
Different apps deliver their approval tasks to this central list

Lets show where all the content is stored in SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Site content shows the sub site where the Basis app is deployed

In the site content of this sub site we will see a list and a library where this app stores its content

The fields like title, project and client are stored in items in the List Demo

The files are stored in this Library in SharePoint Online

Shareflex will handle the file storing in this Library when the Demo app is used by the users

Shareflex will handle the permissions as well set by the workflow designed in Shareflex

The Shareflex app we demoed previously in this demonstration is added to my Teams under the header “Docu”

Users can add any SharePoint Online app by adding them to the Teams interface

The Shareflex app we demoed earlier is now added to Teams

It works the same in Teams as it functions in an internet browser

Shareflex is a business application development platform where simple to very complex SharePoint Online apps can be build