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In this video I show a workflow that we made for a customer in a Shareflex application on SharePoint Online.
The application is the Special Services Requests, in which we have 3 lists:
Voucher Maintenance, Check Handling and Check Maintenance.
All 3 lists use custom created workflows.
Below is also a link to the Workflow tasks list and the Approvers list, that are both utilized by the workflows.
The workflow I show is used in the Voucher Maintenance list.
It is an Approval workflow, in which a Voucher Maintenance form at different stages, by one or more authorized persons is approved or rejected.
Before showing the workflow, I first show the list of Approvers.
We see two approval roles that are used in the workflow.
These are “Due Date Approval”, assigned to user Noel Hofman and “AP Approval”, assigned to user Lialis Test2.

I will now open the workflow where we will see these roles again.
It involves the workflow SSRD Voucher Maintenance.
What we see here is a workflow that has not one, but two starting points.
Starting point 30 – “Voucher Maintenance Due Date Approval and starting point 40 – “Voucher Maintenance Approval”.
I go back to the application again to the Voucher Maintenance list.
And I make a new item there.
Once I have completely filled out this request form and submit it into the workflow, the first thing being checked is the value of the field “Type of Maintenance”.
This is a drop down field with 3 predefined values.
These are “Due Date Change”, “Close Voucher” and “Copy of Voucher”.
If the Type of Maintenance value is “Due Date Change”, the workflow starts in step 30.
And in all other cases, for example “Close Voucher”, the workflow starts in step 40 – “Voucher Maintenance Approval”.
In short, it comes down to this:
All requests must be approved or rejected by an AP Approver.
That happens in steps 60 and 40.
The only difference between a “Due Date Change” request and all other requests is, that with a “Due Date Change” request, an additional approval step takes place before the AP Approver approval.
That happens in step 30 of this top one workflow.

Let’s fill out a request form and submit it into the workflow.
I click “new item”.
The requester’s name, Lialis Test1, is filled in automatically.
The current date is automatically filled in.
We enter a voucher number, 12345.
We also have a Requestor Phone that is mandatory, and a Supplier Name.
Portal Systems.
Then we get at the “Type of Maintenance” field.
The value we choose here determines whether we go through the long version, with 2 approvals, or the short version, with 1 approval of the workflow.
It is of course more interesting to show the long version, so we choose “Due Date Change”.
And we see that by choosing this option, a number of additional mandatory fields appear, which we also have to fill in.
Obviously the current and the new due date.
The current due date was today, and the new due date will be next week.
3rd of May.
We also need to motivate the due date change request.
We choose “Incorrect Invoice Date”.
All mandatory fields are now filled in, and we save the item.
We see that the status has changed to Draft, and we submit the request with the “Submit Workflow” button.
And we immediately see that the item’s status has changed to “Submitting…”.
After a few moments we see the item has been submitted.
The status is now “New due date pending approval”.
An email has now been sent to the requester, Lialis Test1, and one to the person responsible for approving the due date change.
And in this case, this is Noel Hofman.
Indeed Lialis Test1 received an email.
Here’s a link that directly opens the request form.
And when we look into Noel Hofman’s mailbox, we also see an email there.
If I click on this link, I will go directly to the request form.
At the top of the request form, we will see a Workflow section.
The approver checks the new due date, 3rd of May, and decides to approve it.
And we add a comment, that will be added to the confirmation email.
And we click on “Continue”.
If we go back to the list of requests, we see that the status has changed to “New due date approved”.
The next step in the workflow is this request being forwarded to the AP Approver.
We have given the “AP Approval” role to Lialis Test 2.
If we look in the mailbox of Lialis Test2, .we also see an email there.
In the email, we have a link to the request form, and the Due Date Approver’s comment: May 3 is fine!
If we open the link, again we see the Workflow part at the top of the request form.
And here is also the last comment.
The AP Approver Lialis Test2 now clicks Approve, can also add a comment, and then clicks Continue.
When we go back to the Voucher Maintenance list, we see that the status has changed to “AP approved”.
And in the mailbox of requester Lialis Test1, we see a new mail with the link to the request form, and the last comment.
To completely close the workflow, we added another function which can set the form status to “Complete”.
In this …




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