Employee Data Manager SharePoint OnlineEmployee Data Manager SharePoint Online

Managing your employee data properly can be a real hassle. To solve this, we offer Employee Data Manager (EDM). It is a powerful and easy-to-use employee database tool for organisations looking to streamline their employee data Management processes, for staff and contractor, in SharePoint. With EDM, you can quickly access employee profiles, resumes, and skills. Additionally, you can accommodate employee hiring and talent management. 


SharePoint Employee Database home screen

Employee Data Manager - home screen


Employee Data Manager for small and medium-sized businesses

Employee Data Manager (EDM) is especially attractive for small and mediumsized businesses in various industries that wish to manage and store employee records in SharePoint Online.

EDM allows you to:

  • Store, view, and manage employee data, (e.g. personal details, internal comments, attachments, skills, assignments, contractors details)
  • Generate reports (e.g. active per department, contractors per agency, alert list)
  • Track employee performance
  • Send out notifications to staff members, and
  • Streamline and automate HR processes; making it easier to manage your workforce.

We can easily customize our employee database management software to meet the specific needs of your business.

Employee Data Manager record presentations

With EDM, you can store two types of records/entities: one for staff members and one for agency personnel. The EDM forms meet the specific needs of each entity. Both forms are present in the different views so you can easily switch between them.

Employee database Sharepoint provides different views in the left pane. This allows users to view data in columns and filter the data to find the exact information they are looking for. Based on your needs, we can easily configure the views and data displayed to ensure you have the exact information you need. Please check out some examples in the images below.

Employee Data Manager - data view by business units

Employee Data Manager - by qualification summary

Employee Data Manager data form

The EDM form has different sections that allow users to record the necessary information. The form for contractor personnel has more options compared to the form for staff members since there is no need to record the contractor details. This is to ensure that the specific needs of each entity can be met.

The home page of the form displays the personnel details of the contractor personnel. For example, name, residential details, and contact information.

Employee Data Manager - person details

A separate tab is available to maintain the skills and education details

Employee Data Manager - skills

You can add Attachments at the bottom of the form. Such as; copies of diplomas or records of specific achievements.

Employee Data Manager SharePoint Online agency details

The right pane of EDM holds a variety of features to record different types of information. Examples are; comments, assigned projects, the contracting company, and any important alerts that need to be taken into account.

Employee Data Manager - response forms like agency

To add a certain personal detail, simply click theNew Assignment button and fill out the form to record the details of this new assignment.

After saving, you may want to add relevant files to this new assignment record. On the right pane you will find the new assignment under theAssignments header.

Employee Data Manager - assignments

Shareflex to develop SharePoint apps

Lialis Employee Data Manager for SharePoint Online runs on the Shareflex platform from PortalSystems. The SharePoint Employee Database application is a native SharePoint and runs on your own tenant. EDM is one of the great examples of the type of applications we can build using Shareflex. 

Iinterested in database Employee Sharepoint , to learn more. Please contact us for a demo and to discuss your specific needs