Shareflex® Quality Documents

SharePoint QMS

Document Control software for SharePoint Online

Gain Complete Control over Critical Documents for Quality Management.

  • Ready to use professional QMS solution for SharePoint Online.
  • Supports ISO 9001 / 27001 related standards for Quality Document Management.
  • Achieve document lifecycle, version control, change tracking, approval workflows, audit trail, and archiving.
  • Bring all your crucial documents together, securely and centrally on SharePoint Online.
  • SaaS subscription per user per year.

User-friendly, intuitive, and flexible.

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The key functionalities of Shareflex Quality Documents are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits, General

Introduction to Shareflex?
Shareflex in a nutshell: a high-end platform with a premium user experience for delivering office applications that have strict requirements for functionality, workflows, and security. Shareflex data is stored in your own SharePoint Online site, and users log in with their M365 credentials. Lialis collaborates closely with the German company Portal Systems; the supplier of Shareflex. We are the designated Shareflex supplier for the Netherlands and Belgium. We handle the implementations of ready-to-use Portal Systems Shareflex applications for Contract and Document Management. We also implement some Shareflex applications developed by ourselves. Currently, at least 300 German companies use Shareflex. Discover how Shareflex collaborates with your SharePoint Online environment, view all high-end Shareflex operating systems, and get insight into the precise installation procedure of Shareflex.

Why is Shareflex necessary?
Shareflex can be seen as a platform that provides the application builder with modules to simplify the builder’s work. The builder doesn’t have to think about version control in their application because a Shareflex module can be invoked for this purpose. The same applies to context menu options with the right mouse button; Shareflex provides all these modules. The input fields are in SharePoint lists, the documents in SharePoint libraries, and all necessary modules are provided by Shareflex. So, the developer just needs to put everything together in an application (in a nutshell).

Which business processes can be optimized and automated with Shareflex?
In principle, all conceivable applications for business processes can be configured with Shareflex. We offer out-of-the-box solutions for contract management, document control/QM, and incoming invoice processing. Maximize SharePoint Online with Shareflex.

What are the benefits of Shareflex for my company?
Shareflex extends your SharePoint infrastructure and makes it more user-friendly and flexible. Our pre-configured business applications (Shareflex Solutions) provide you with highly secure and efficient tools for digitizing your business processes. Because the Shareflex solution is deployed in the customer’s Microsoft 365 environment, highly flexible customization and individualization are possible. This is completely independent of other implementations in the same Microsoft 365 environment.

Is Shareflex also suitable for smaller companies?
Yes. However, there must be a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online.


What about security?
Since everything is installed on your own tenant, you have full control over the security of your data.

How about the login of my users?
The full authentication of your users is handled by your own SharePoint Online/M365 tenant, so people simply use their current login credentials. If you have set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), this will continue to work.

Does Portal Systems AG store the data managed with a Shareflex solution?
No, Portal Systems AG does not store data such as contract data, incoming invoice data, or other types of documents processed by companies with a Shareflex solution (hereinafter referred to as “customer data”). Customer data is only temporarily processed by Shareflex as part of the application logic. To ensure high performance, Portal Systems stores some configuration data of a Shareflex solution in a Microsoft Azure SQL database. This includes, for example, the business application logic running in the background.

Where is customer data stored?
Customer data is always stored in SharePoint Online or in the customer’s Microsoft 365 client. The customer must specify the data storage location during the installation of the Microsoft 365 client.

What happens if the contract is terminated?
After termination of the SaaS contract with Portal Systems AG, it is no longer possible to access the Shareflex Online Services. The Shareflex solution becomes unusable.
Even after the contract ends, the customer can still access this data through the standard functions of Microsoft 365 since the customer’s data is stored in the customer’s Microsoft 365 client or in the SharePoint Online environment of the customer.


What are the minimum requirements for using the Shareflex solutions?
We offer Shareflex for Microsoft SharePoint Online, so you need a Microsoft 365 subscription with Microsoft SharePoint Online.

What are the subscription costs for the Shareflex product solutions?
For Shareflex solutions with user licenses, costs are charged per individual user. However, there is no differentiation in terms of access rights. This means that read access costs the same as write access. Additionally, the higher the total number of licenses, the lower the price per user. For example, a subscription for 10 users costs €350 per month. A subscription for 100 users costs €1,200 per month. With 10 licenses, one user costs €35, with 100 licenses only €12. This tiered pricing significantly reduces the price per user for a large number of users. The advantage of this option is that it significantly reduces the workload of license management. You only need to check the number of users, not how they access the system. It also provides greater flexibility, as occasional write access is covered at no additional cost.


Can we use Power Apps?
Yes, this is not a problem because a Power Canvas app can retrieve data from, for example, a SharePoint list. We provide standard Power Apps to view data in Shareflex for Contract, DMS, and Metamail. However, it is not possible to write data with the Power App in the Shareflex app.

Is there a backup of customer data managed with a Shareflex solution?
Portal Systems AG does not backup customer data during the operation of the solution. It is the customer’s responsibility to define an appropriate backup or recovery concept if a backup of customer data stored in SharePoint Online is required.

Where do you install Shareflex applications?
In most cases, a new SharePoint Online site is created, for example,, and the applications are installed here.

What are Shareflex applications and where are they located?
Shareflex mainly consists of JavaScript programs that are run by the browser. These JavaScript files are located on a specific SharePoint Online site in your tenant. The JavaScript file then communicates with the SharePoint REST service and retrieves data from SharePoint Online lists and libraries.

Are the Shareflex applications fast to use?
This is the main goal of Shareflex applications: to work quickly and efficiently in the browser. The data and Shareflex program code are in your own SharePoint Online environment and are therefore delivered to the browser very quickly. However, Shareflex applications do not work well on mobile devices because too much information is consolidated on the screen form.

How is a solution updated?
A Shareflex solution is updated by uploading and deploying the update package. This is usually done by the customer or with the help of an integration partner. If an update is necessary, the customer is notified at least 30 days in advance. If a required update is not rolled out on time, it can affect the functionality of the application.

How does an update of the Shareflex online services work?
The Microsoft 365 Services and the Shareflex Online Services form the basis of the Shareflex Solutions. Updates for the Microsoft 365 Services and the Shareflex Online Services are delivered automatically.

Is there anything that Shareflex cannot do?
It is Shareflex that transforms SharePoint into a platform for business applications. This is because Shareflex builds on SharePoint, extends it in a smart way, and provides maximum user-friendliness. Maximize SharePoint Online with Shareflex.

What happens if the online services of Shareflex are not available?
The Shareflex Online Services are designed for high availability and are modular, minimizing downtime. In the unlikely event that not all Shareflex Online Services are available, it will not be possible to work with the solution. Access to data in SharePoint Online is always possible. The customer retains access to all their data as stored in SharePoint Online. Access is possible through standard Microsoft 365 features such as SharePoint full-text search, OneDrive for Business, or standard SharePoint. If an individual Shareflex Online service is not available, the functionality is limited by the unavailable features of that service.

Which services and features are monitored by Portal Systems AG?
Portal Systems AG manages the infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service) for Shareflex Online, hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers. This includes (but is not limited to) configuration data management, high availability, configuration data recovery, security, and scaling (see the service description of the Shareflex Online Services platform for more information). The Shareflex Online Services hosted on this infrastructure are continuously monitored. In addition, Portal Systems monitors the core functionality of the Shareflex solutions.

What do customers need to monitor themselves during the operation of the solution?
Customers need to monitor the adjustments in the Shareflex solution and take action in case of performance incidents or unexpected behavior. They also need to monitor the increase in data and documents, as well as the number of users.

Can I build applications on Shareflex myself?
Certainly, but Shareflex is not a low-code platform, so we will need to train you in development.

How about data migration from my old system?
We have various ways to migrate your old data to Shareflex Contract. In the past, we extracted data from Lotus Notes and MS Access and placed it in the right place in Shareflex applications.