Business Applications for SharePoint Online

Standard Applications

Ready to use SharePoint Applications

Contract Management

Manage all your contracts in SharePoint Online throughout the entire lifecycle. Such as:

  • Service Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Rent Agreement
  • Insurance contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Umbrella contract
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

Invoice Management

Allows you to manage the entire invoice process in SharePoint Online through an easily configurable workflow from verification to approval, processing and archiving. Flexible, Efficient and Secure.

Quality Documents

Quality Documents helps you organize and manage your quality management documents. Your documents, data and processes are managed securely and efficiently throughout the life cycle and the user-friendly interfaces further simplify your daily work with the system.

SharePoint Online Application Development

Custom Applications

Shareflex; the development platform for SharePoint Online

Shareflex, our choice to develop SharePoint Online applications.

Why Shareflex?

Without Shareflex, we are unable to realize complex SharePoint Online applications because SharePoint Online does not offer the necessary functions. Such as:

  • Delegating a workflow task
  • Neatly displaying forms with input fields with field input validation
  • Dynamic display or non-display of certain fields
  • Displaying the request data in a workflow task
  • All workflow tasks of different applications in one place for the user

Shareflex base module

For the rapid development of new SharePoint Online workflow applications we use our Shareflex base module that contains several important functions and can be easily adapted to the specifications of the application to be built. This video shows you how this module works.


Easy configuration of workflows is essential within Business Applications. This video shows a SharePoint Online workflow application with a field value-dependent starting point of the workflow. Users receive e-mails to the SharePoint request with comments triggered by a workflow step.