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Our ready-to-use
Business Applications for SharePoint Online


MetaMail365 is a SharePoint Online application specifically designed to empower teams providing comprehensive e-mail support to their clients (internal and external). It allows you to manage and respond to e-mails as a team, improve service levels and enhance the overall experience.

RichPoint Library

The RichPoint Library app extends the out-of-the box SharePoint Online document collaboration features. This app is especially interesting for companies that don’t want to implement a heavy-duty DMS solution, but still want to instantly enhance productivity and collaboration.

Employee Data Manager

Use Employee Data Manager to easily manage all relevant employee and contractor data. Organize employee profiles, resumes and skill sets centrally. Keep track of training programs, courses and maintain qualification certificates. Keep a helicopter view of your organisation’s key asset; your employees.

Sales LeadMaster

Sales LeadMaster is a lightweight app that allows you to manage and nurture sales leads in SharePoint Online. This app is especially interesting for companies that want to get more out of their sales funnel but don’t want to invest (yet) in a CRM solution.


The TimeKeeper app is an intuitive time registration and tracking tool. It is especially useful for project organisations that need to work within certain time and budget boundaries. The app allows your organisation to stay within agreed budgets, provide time sheets, increase productivity of teams and more.

Contract Management

The Contract Management app allows you to manage all internal and external contracts throughout their entire life cycle in a consistent manner. The pre-configured standard app is instantly available and integrates seamlessly into your existing Microsoft 365 environment. Additionally, the solution is easy to modify according to the specific requirements of your company.

Quality Documents

The Quality Documents app helps you manage your quality management documents through their entire life-cycle. Comply with internal QM processes (e.g. complaint management) or any (ISO) market standards.

Employee Performance Manager

With the Employee Performance Manager app you can define and track employee performance and development plans. Improve productivity and engagement, identify training and development needs, facilitate fair and objective decision-making and align employee performance with organizational goals.

Standard Microsoft 365 Teams integration

All Business Applications for SharePoint Online
Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Transform SharePoint Online into a powerful
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Shareflex Business Applications for SharePoint Online at a glance

High-code programming

Automated Deployment

Dynamic Permissions

Complex Workflows

Intuitive Forms

All data on your Tenant

Only uses Lists & Libraries

What Shareflex Offers?

Select the specific topic and discover more

Intiutive forms displaying all info

Build any form you need

Online edting, versioning, sharing

Unlimted workflows with e-mail integration

Drill down to the required details 

Dynamic form/files permissions

(rich) text, choice, date fields available

API support to integrate sources

Easily translate to any language

Program almost anything

Create any report or export data to other systems

App home page with quick links 

Our Customers

Sonoco (USA)

Shareflex allowed us to replace 10 complex legacy IBM applications with custom-built SharePoint Online business applications

Municipality of Opwijk (Belgium)

We replaced our legacy contract system with Shareflex Contract Online to offer our users advanced contract management features in SharePoint Online.


The Shareflex RichPoint Library app allowed us to replace several legacy apps. Additionally, Lialis built a custom Pricing Approval app for us using Shareflex.

Pricing Model

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  • Includes Third Level Support
  • Discounts apply if you use multiple apps