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RichPoint Library - Simple DMS

On SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365

Supercharge project, sales, development or operational document management with RichPoint Library for SharePoint: Faster, More Intuitive, and Effortless. Swap out static folders for highly functional and unique response records. Organize multiple files under a main and response topics.

Simple Document Repository

  • Naturally encouraged content organization
  • Structured content with preset categories
  • Seamless and easy use vs. full-blown DMS
  • Boost productivity cost-effectively

Files, never isolated, always related

  • Distinctive files interconnection features
  • Organized files by subject and category
  • Elegant document forms with meta data
  • Streamlining content validation workflow

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online

  • SharePoint Online application (Shareflex)
  • Pre-configured and ready-to-use
  • Easily customizable to suit your needs
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365
  • Seamless performance in MS Teams

We can’t wait to show you more!

Sorry, the interactive demo is currently optimized for PC use only and disabled on mobile devices. As an alternative, you can watch the demo movie.