Explore the modern SharePoint Online application controls offered by Shareflex

All SharePoint Online Shareflex controls on this page are developed by Portal Systems and interact with straightforward SharePoint Online lists and libraries. Simplify developers’ work by enabling them to add these controls to the app with just a few clicks.

Shareflex SharePoint applications provide an exceptional high-end user experience for critical business applications.

Toggle left navigation for expanding the form screen

In the top left corner, two small left-pointing arrows (>>) are displayed. When the user hovers their mouse over them, the left navigation menu appears. This provides a quick way to navigate back to the home screen of the app, for example. This setup allows apps to utilize the whole screen.

Enhancing SharePoint Online list filtering with multiple search input fields.

The user has the flexibility to utilize multiple search fields for
various criteria, such as status, partner, or contract type, in order to
precisely locate the information they need within the SharePoint list.

Creating a high-end user experience (UX) with a tabbed form in SharePoint Online

Experience the excellence of a tabbed form presentation with a high-end user interface and experience – fast, smooth, and highly appealing to end users.

Rich text field control - only show the ribbon when the field is used by the user

Notice that the ribbon is only displayed in edit mode when the user is using the field; otherwise, the ribbon is hidden.

SharePoint list item version history control for restoring and viewing older versions.

An exceptionally attractive and well-designed presentation of SharePoint list item version history, featuring all fields in the form for updates. Users can seamlessly view any version and choose to restore a specific one directly from the form open on their screen.

Export version history to CSV, Excel, XML, and more.

The large version history log can be easily exported to Excel, for example.

Utilizing version history filters to refine your search.

Utilizing filters in the SharePoint Online item history log to identify instances when a specific field has changed its value from A to B.

Displaying related functional records on lower placed tabs for a primary record

Related function records with distinct forms are organized under multiple tabs at the bottom-middle section of the form. Here, users can view, edit, delete, filter, and create new records. The version history functionality remains consistent.

Advanced document (file) control with drag-and-drop, file previews, version history, and metadata.

Documents and files are vital for business applications. Explore this high-end SharePoint Online library control with features like file previews, version logs, and the ability to restore or download older versions.

SharePoint Online list option to display and edit a record in the right pane.

This control enables users to easily view SharePoint Online list items in the right pane. When clicking the pen icon, the list item opens in a sleek overlay in edit mode. Closing the item returns the user to the full-screen list.

Different SharePoint online view modes: list, compact list, gallery.

This SharePoint Online view control allows users to switch between different list item presentation modes.

Save SharePoint Online list view selections with a personalized link on the homepage.

In large lists, users wish to save their SharePoint Online record filters for future use, saving time as they won’t need to set the filters again the next day. The view filter settings are saved on the application’s homepage, as demonstrated in this video.

SharePoint Online navigation control displaying response to response items

Take a look at the custom control on the right side of the screen, where users can freely create response records to other responses. All records displayed in this control are accessible, and users can insert new response records anywhere.

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