Shareflex High Level Introduction – Frontend

Purpose of Shareflex

Shareflex is a platform created by Portal Systems  that enhances Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online with the ability to deliver business solutions with an exceptionally rich, fast and high-end user experience.

Lialis provides ready-to-use modern Document Management System (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management applications for SharePoint Online, based on Shareflex.

Shareflex applications are seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and can be accessed through your computer’s web browser.
Lialis also offers responsive Power Canvas apps that provide a read-only view into the data of a Shareflex application.

How is a Shareflex application delivered to the end user’s web browser?

Shareflex brings together information from various lists and libraries in SharePoint. A simplified technical explanation is shown in the diagram below.

Interpreting the above schema from left to right

  • The end user logs into the company’s SharePoint Online site where the Shareflex application’s home screen is located.
  • All Shareflex resources (mostly JavaScript files) are stored on a dedicated Shareflex site within the company’s own tenant.
  • The end user’s web browser executes the relevant Shareflex JavaScript files, to provide a nice interface and to communicate with the SharePoint REST service.
  • The SharePoint REST service retrieves information from SharePoint lists and libraries stored on SharePoint Online site(s), and passes this information back to the Shareflex app,where it is then combined and displayed on the end user’s screen.

The Shareflex JavaScript programs, executed in the internet browser, completely shape the user interface.

Advantages of Shareflex

  • Exceptional user interface designed by Portal Systems.
  • Access to ready-to-use document-centric applications.
  • Full utilization of the powerful SharePoint Online data storage capabilities.

Please refer to this post to check out an extensive comparison of Shareflex with alternative platforms like Power.

Creating a high-end user experience (UX) with a tabbed form in SharePoint Online

Experience the excellence of a tabbed form presentation with a high-end user interface and experience – fast, smooth, and highly appealing to end users.

Rich text field control - only show the ribbon when the field is used by the user

Notice that the ribbon is only displayed in edit mode when the user is using the field; otherwise, the ribbon is hidden.