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Contracts are the foundation of every business relationship.
They describe services, conditions and deadlines agreed between partners, and contain a lot of business-relevant information.
Contract management links the various company departments such as the legal department, management, sales, and accounting.
In practice, these areas often act very autonomously, and have different information levels.
In addition, numerous contracts and related enclosures are in circulation.

The product Shareflex Contract brings order and structure to your contract management, and supports you in all phases of the contract life cycle.
The system is based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform used in your company or can alternatively be operated on the basis of SharePoint Online as part of a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
Shareflex Contract offers a modern and intuitive user interface, which makes it very easy for the employees in your company to create, manage, check and approve contracts.
A modern and individually configurable cockpit gives easy and quick access to all functions.
Shareflex Contract is designed for the administration of contracts of all kinds, such as service contracts, purchase contracts, rental contracts, and even framework contracts.
In the standard system, preconfigured contract types are available immediately after installation.
Also, new contract types can be added, and existing contract types can be adjusted, according to your business needs.
It does not matter which industry you are active.
Shareflex Contract is already being used in companies in the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical sector, and in special retail and technology companies.

Creating contracts is very easy thanks to a user-friendly interface integrated in SharePoint.
Via input fields, static or interdependent value sets, user/group selection from the Active Directory, check boxes, very convenient data pickers and many other smart interface functions, the necessary contract meta data can be entered quickly and easily.
An automatic termination date calculation helps to calculate the contract duration.
The graphical contract duration display gives an overview of the temporal course of the respective contract at any time.
Using the notification function, the person responsible for the contract can be notified by email in good time, at any time before the termination date is reached.
Contract meta data of individual contract types are of course not static, but can be adapted to the individual wishes of the departments by department administrators.
Contract meta data, headings, formatting, columns, rows, and even tabs can be added, deleted or moved at any time without any programming, using the Shareflex Form Designer.
When saving a contract, a mandatory field check ensures that all necessary data for the contract is actually recorded.
The recording of contract deadlines, tasks, notes, and items is done via intuitive forms.
For payments, a payment plan for recurring payments functionality is available.
By means of an easy-to-configure Shareflex Rules Engine, you can for instance generate automated deadlines and tasks.
Documents can be uploaded by using the yourMAIL plug-in in Outlook.
In Outlook, the contract files are directly available via a search.
The storage of complete emails, attachments, single documents, available via Windows Explorer, can be done completely by drag & drop.
The assignment of meta data can be done directly from within Outlook.
In addition, documents can be added to the contract file directly from within the Office application, e.g. Microsoft Word.
Via Outlook the Shareflex Contract user has access to the entire contract file.
The documents of the contract can be displayed or forwarded by email.
Documents and files can be sent as links as well.
Documents are uploaded directly to the contract file.
During the upload, additional metadata can be added manually, or by copy & paste to the contract item.
Once uploaded to the contract file, contract documents can be versioned at any time.
Older contract versions can be compared with the latest contract document at any time directly from the contract file, using the Microsoft Word version comparison.
Finding contracts is very easy thanks to Shareflex Contract.
On the one hand, a cockpit is available, via which a quick access to the contracts and other important contract areas is possible.
On the other hand, contracts can be searched for and found specifically via the meta data.
In addition to the meta data, the full text is of course also available for the search.
Intelligent filtering of the full text search result, guarantees that the desired contract or contract information can be found quickly and easily.
Permissions are provided in Shareflex Contract via the flexibly configurable Shareflex Permissions system.
If, for instance, a confidentiality level “secret” is selected when creating a contract, mechanisms are automatically activated in the background which provide the contract and all contract elements belonging to the contract with the corresponding SharePoint permissions.
Via Shareflex Permissions users can be assigned roles.
This is rounded off by individually configurable authorization units and sets of rules, just as the business requires.
The Shareflex Contract solution is completed with a integrated Business-Partner registration.
The business partner view is entirely configurable, and provides a 360-degree view of the business partner and his contracts with the contracts being displayed in a tree structure.

Shareflex Contract provides contract management based on SharePoint and maps the entire contract life cycle.
Shareflex Contract is delivered in German and English and can easily be translated into any language supported by SharePoint.
If you have any further questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions or to make an appointment for an individual presentation.
Bring order and structure into your contract management with Shareflex Contract.
We look forward to your project.




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