Business Software Applications

for your own SharePoint Online and M365

Centralize all vendor contract data.

Prevent unwanted automatic contract renewals.
18 different contract forms included.
All contract data clearly displayed on one screen.

Gain full control over critical documents.

Professional Document Control application.
Supports the implementation of the NIS-2 directive.
Document lifecycle, version control, workflows, audit trail, and archiving.

Our customers

Municipality of Opwijk

We replaced our legacy contract system with Shareflex Contract Online to offer our users advanced contract management features in SharePoint Online.

Business Software Applications opwijk


The Shareflex RichPoint Library app allowed us to replace several legacy apps. Additionally, Lialis built a custom Pricing Approval app for us using Shareflex.

Business Software Applications mitsubishi

Sonoco USA

Shareflex allowed us to replace 10 complex legacy IBM applications with custom-built SharePoint Online business applications (developed by Lialis).

Business Software Applications sonoco