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Quality Docs Lite

On SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365

Quality Docs Lite (QDL) simplifies and secures the management of critical company documents in SharePoint Online.

With a document approval workflow and enhanced permissions, QDL ensures document integrity throughout the review and approval process.
It is a streamlined version of our full Quality Documents application, preconfigured and ready for use in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.
QDL allows for the storage, access, and management of quality documents and other digital content across their life cycle, from creation to revision to archiving.

Review & Approval Workflow

SharePoint Shareflex Quality Docs Lite workflow

Secured & tamper-proof

In the document workflow approval:

  • The document is locked and cannot be altered.
  • Only the creator and contributors have access to the new document before approval.
  • Once approved, the document becomes visible to everyone.
  • If a document is removed from the final state, only the author has permission to view and modify it.

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online

  • High end user experience
  • User-friendly interface: intuitive Design
  • Elegant document forms with meta data
  • SharePoint Online application
  • Build with Shareflex by Portal Systems
  • Easily customizable to fit the needs
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 / Teams 

We can’t wait to show you more!

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