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Every company manages contracts such as; service-, purchase-,  rental – or framework contracts. Typically such contracts go through a lifecycle from creation to closing and contain a lot of (meta)data. Examples are: details of the contractual parties, payment info, approval workflows, notifications, permissions, audit trails and contractual documents. Especially for companies that use Office 365/SharePoint Online as their strategic collaboration platform it is worthwhile to consider Shareflex Contract. This is a SharePoint Contract Management solution that combines the strength of Microsoft technology with Shareflex tools and functions. Obviously using SharePoint for Contract Management has a huge positive impact on user adoption and productivity.  

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Shareflex Contract

Shareflex Contract brings order and structure to your SharePoint Online Contract Management and supports you in all phases of the SharePoint Contract life cycle. As a result it provides you a uniform and central SharePoint contract file with all essential information easily accessible by all departments (HR, legal, sales, etc). 

The solution runs entirely on your Microsoft SharePoint Online platform (on premises SharePoint is supported as well). Have a look at the URL in the next screenshot. This is unique since most of the so-called SharePoint contract management solutions only offer Office 365/SharePoint connectors.

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Contract creation

Creating contracts in Shareflex Contract is straightforward thanks to a user-friendly SharePoint user interface. This interface ensures that the user can quickly and easily enter all necessary contract metadata through:

  • Input fields
  • Static or interdependent value sets
  • User/group selection from Azure Active Directory
  • Check boxes
  • Convenient data pickers, etc.

Shareflex Contract offers an automatic termination date calculation to help you calculate the contract duration. Additionally, at any time during the contract period, you can graphically see the remaining contract duration or the impact of contract changes. It also offers a notification function so stakeholders are alerted about any relevant contract event that needs their attention.

Document Management

Documents are crucial in any Contract Management system. The advantage of Shareflex Contract is that it uses the document management capabilities of SharePoint Online. For instance, it directly uploads all contractual documents from the contract file. When uploading, the user can manually save metadata to the contract document or by using “copy & paste”. Also you can version contract documents at any time. Another handy feature is that the user can compare older versions with the latest version using the Microsoft Word version comparison function.


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Shareflex Workflow

The SharePoint contract management workflow can be set-up directly via the integrated Shareflex worklow component. More specifically we refer to the review and approval process. In this example, the contract management workflow verification workflow starts with a contract status change. It automatically sends a task to the next processor(s) who can easily execute the subsequent workflow step. At any time department administrators can easily create and adapt the underlying workflows to the contract management cycle via the intuitive graphical workflow designer.

The purpose of this article is to give you a high-level overview on how to manage your contracts in SharePoint Online via Shareflex Contract. 

We invite you to also watch the video. If you want to discuss how Shareflex Contract can be your SharePoint Contract Management Solution please contact us for a personalised session.