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Import Power Automate Flow from zip package

To import Power Automate flows from a zip package, navigate to: The import option is not present on: Navigate to My Flows and choose: Import \ Import Package Browse to the ZIP file Ensure you address import issues marked with a red marker, such as the related resources. Press Import – done!  

Installing Shareflex on your SharePoint tenant

Installing Shareflex on your SharePoint tenant This post will guide you through all the steps that are necessary to install Shareflex on your SharePoint tenant. Keep in mind that while it is technically possible to install multiple Shareflex apps (as sub sites) on the same SharePoint site, certain apps (such as Shareflex Contract) will still […]

Exploring the Extent of Power Automate (Canvas) App Functionality

Exploring the Extent of Power Automate (Canvas) App Functionality Power is a no/low-code platform, as Microsoft likes to position it. Low/no-code platforms have limits, and that’s OK. In this post, we will use the Power platform to (try to) recreate the user interface of a professional SharePoint Online Shareflex application, the Contract module, build by […]

End User Manual RichPoint Library

End User Manual RichPoint Library Companies might be looking for more enhanced document collaboration features compared to what SharePoint offers them out-of-the-box. However, implementing a complete DMS solution is overkill. They are between a rock and a hard place. For these, mostly small and medium-sized businesses, we offer our RichPoint Library SharePoint Solution to simplify […]

End User Manual Quality Documents

End User Manual Shareflex Quality Documents Shareflex¬†Quality Documents SharePoint is a preconfigured, ready-to-use Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online Quality Document Management system. It facilitates the storage, access, management, and control of Quality Documents and other digital content throughout their entire life cycle, from creation to revision, and ultimately, archiving. The quality document management system optimizes your […]

End User Manual MetaMail 365

Manage and respond to e-mails as a team, improve service levels and increase satisfaction MetaMail 365 demo movie   MetaMail 365 Shared mailbox Microsoft 365 is a SharePoint Online application specifically designed to empower teams providing comprehensive e-mail support to their clients (internal and external). It allows you to manage and respond to e-mails as […]

Reduce multi-cloud complexity/dependency with SharePoint Online

Reduce multi-cloud complexity/dependency Today, 90% of companies have embraced a multi-cloud strategy, according to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report. Opting for a multi-cloud approach brings undeniable benefits, giving companies the flexibility to optimize performance, avoid vendor lock-in, and use best-in-class solutions. However, as companies expand their cloud app suppliers over time, it […]

Out-of-the-box Microsoft DMS

Creating an Out-of-the-box Microsoft DMS, is it possible? In this post, we explore the possibility of creating an Out-of-the-box Microsoft DMS (Document Management System) using Microsoft’s out-of-the-box features. Requirements for an Out-of-the-box Microsoft DMS: Document Storage: The system should provide a centralized location for storing documents (e.g files or attachments), ensuring easy access and organization. […]

Modify SharePoint Online Toolbar Buttons with JSON

Modify SharePoint Online Toolbar Buttons with JSON In this post we explain how to modify the standard toolbar buttons (New, Edit, Share, etc.) in SharePoint or Microsoft Lists and Libraries. Thanks to the new SharePoint List Formatting capabilities, this is now possible! JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) allows us to customize the text of these buttons, […]

End User manual Shareflex Teamroom

Lialis Teamroom End User Manual Audience: End Users This manual explains how to use the Lialis Shareflex Teamroom application on SharePoint Online. The focus of this manual is on viewing content, modifying content and creating new content. Viewing content When opening the Shareflex Teamroom site, depending on the setup in your company, you might see […]

SharePoint Online – How SharePoint Lists and Libraries handle attachments

SharePoint Online – How SharePoint Lists and Libraries handle attachments Their are many differences between a List and Library in SharePoint Online. This post only describes the differences with respect to storing and working with attachments. Topic Library List Search in attachment When a file is stored in a Library the search will give a […]

Nintex vs Shareflex

      Nintex versus Shareflex comparison Nintex and Shareflex are solutions to create business applications for SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint On Premise. In this article we only compare the SharePoint Online features between both solutions. High level Conclusion of this comparison Nintex Office 365 and Shareflex differ significantly. Our high level conclusion […]