NitroPro integration with Shareflex DMS

NitroPro integration of PDF documents in Shareflex DMS

NitroPro is a desktop application for PDF editing and signing. At the client’s request, it has been integrated with the Shareflex DMS solution. The same integration is possible with the other Shareflex solutions, such as Contract and Document Control.

The image below shows the documents attached to a Quote record in Shareflex DMS. A PowerPoint file has been selected, so naturally, there is no NitroPro button displayed.

A PDF file has been selected, and the NitroPro button appears in the ribbon as well as under the context menu (right-click).

The NitroPro integration has been activated by pressing the button, and we receive this message box.

NitroPro desktop starts and displays this message box. We choose “Check out and open.”

The file has been marked as Checked Out in the files interface of Shareflex DMS.

The PDF is opened in NitroPro, and for the demo, I chose to highlight the title text. Obviously, NitroPro can do a lot more.


The next step is easy: I simply close NitroPro by pressing the X in the top right corner.

I choose “Yes” when asked to save changes.


I choose “Yes” when asked to check in the file.

NitroPro requests the user to write down some comments about the changes made to the PDF file.

The modifications to the PDF are now stored in the Shareflex DMS solution, and the file has been checked in. Let’s take a look at the version history of the PDF file.

The new version (2) of the PDF file is saved in Shareflex DMS, including the version comments that NitroPro requested from the user while saving the PDF.

The NitroPro integration with PDF documents stored in the Shareflex DMS solution is seamless. There’s no need to download files to the user’s computer, open them in NitroPro, and then upload the modified PDF back into Shareflex.

Lialis developed the NitroPro integration for Shareflex.

NitroPro provides a SharePoint app required for this integration.