Reduce multi-cloud complexity/dependency with SharePoint Online

Reduce multi-cloud complexity/dependency

Reduce multi-cloud services complexity/dependency

Today, 90% of companies have embraced a multi-cloud strategy, according to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report. Opting for a multi-cloud approach brings undeniable benefits, giving companies the flexibility to optimize performance, avoid vendor lock-in, and use best-in-class solutions. However, as companies expand their cloud app suppliers over time, it introduces challenges and complexities—particularly in terms of security, data protection, and identity management.

Discover how to alleviate multi-cloud complexities by leveraging SharePoint Online, your existing high-end app platform

SharePoint Online is widely adopted by companies and organizations for a range of scenarios. It often begins with the creation of an intranet, providing a centralized hub for information dissemination, including telephone directories, news, announcements, company divisions, and staff profiles. As the usage evolves, SharePoint is frequently extended to facilitate project-related document storage, fostering collaboration within teams. It is also commonly utilized for managing simple form-based processes such as vacation or travel requests.

However, numerous SharePoint implementations encounter challenges at this juncture. These challenges stem from SharePoint’s inherent complexity, a lack of user acceptance, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, SharePoint holds immense potential.When properly configured and deployed, SharePoint Online serves as an exceptionally stable and flexible platform that could extend beyond the aforementioned applications.

Shareflex: Empower SharePoint Online as an endless enterprise workflow and groupware app platform

While SharePoint Online offers robust document management and Microsoft 365 offers task automation capabilities through tools like Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI, the third-party software Shareflex takes it to the next level. Shareflex provides a complete comprehensive business applications layer on top of SharePoint Online, resulting in SharePoint Online applications with exceptional user-friendliness, preconfigured process logic, and seamless integration.

Ready Shareflex applications like Contract, Quality and RichPoint Library are specifically designed for document-centric business processes, catering to departmental or company-wide usage. These applications can be easily customized to meet unique business requirements. As a result, SharePoint (Online) evolves into a highly efficient business process platform, driving productivity and efficiency.

With Shareflex for SharePoint, creating custom applications is a breeze. Shareflex offers a wide range of standard features that provide all the necessary building blocks for developing custom apps. Whether it’s workflow management, data integration, document handling, or collaboration, Shareflex has you covered. You can harness the power of Shareflex’s robust capabilities to create tailored solutions that meet your unique business requirements without starting from scratch. Empower your organization to build sophisticated custom applications effortlessly with Shareflex for SharePoint.

Shareflex stores your data in your own tenant

All data, including files, documents, and application coding, generated within Shareflex applications, is securely stored in your Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Online tenant. This ensures that your data remains within the same environment as your other data and documents from Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online. With Shareflex, you retain full control and ownership of your data and documents, giving you peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of your information at all times.

Upon the termination of the SaaS contract with Portal Systems AG, access to Shareflex Online Services for editing purposes will no longer be available. However, it’s important to note that read-only access to the Shareflex solution content will still be unaffected. This means that users can continue to access and view their data, documents, and applications in read mode as the data is stored in the Microsoft 365 client or the customer’s SharePoint Online environment. This ensures that customers retain control over their data and can continue to utilize it according to their needs.


By adopting Shareflex for SharePoint Online, companies gain the capability to significantly reduce multi-cloud complexity and dependency. Shareflex offers the flexibility to replace existing cloud apps with Shareflex apps seamlessly. Lialis provides a selection of 8 ready-made Shareflex apps that cater to various client needs, and custom app development is also available. Leveraging the Shareflex platform on SharePoint simplifies the process of app creation and management.

When implementing Shareflex, companies are required to purchase end-user licenses. However, the number of apps utilized by a single user does not impact the licensing cost, leading to potential savings. By consolidating and streamlining their applications with Shareflex, companies can optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and mitigate the challenges associated with multi-cloud environments.

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